AMTESOL Board 2020



Heidi Goertzen

American Institutes for Research

Vice President & Conference Chair

Lynn Fuller

Madison Schools, Mississippi

Incoming Vice President

Laura Johnson

University of Alabama at Birmingham


Immediate Past President

Tracy Koslowski

University of Mississippi


Treasurer & Registration Chair

Josephine Prado

University of Alabama at Birmingham


Andrea Word

University of Alabama in Huntsville


Peg Lawrence

University of Alabama at Birmingham


Kacey Cole

University of Southern Mississippi

CEUs for Alabama P-12

Marty Hatley  

Boaz City Schools


CEUs for Mississippi P-12

Katherine Carr

Harrison County Schools

SETESOL Representative

Susan Spezzini

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Publisher Liaison

Mary Diamond

Auburn University

Webmaster & Co-Registration

Lisa Preston

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Board Member Emerita

Julia Austin

Retired - Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Advocacy Chair

Jamie Harrison

Auburn University

Alabama Leaders Advocacy Liaison

Ann Marie Batista

Huntsville City Schools

ALSDE Representative

Michele Lee

Alabama State Department of Education

MDE Representative

Sandra Elliott

Mississippi Department of Education

P-12 AL (north) Member-at-Large 

Joni Sue Bair

Decatur City Schools

P-12 AL (south) Member-at-Large 

Bette-Jean Toub

Ozark City Schools

P-12 MS (north) Member-at-Large 

Jennifer Wright

Pontotoc County Schools

P-12 MS (south) Member-at-Large 

Michelle Johnston

Harrison County Schools

Teacher Education AL Member-at-Large 

Gwendolyn Williams

Auburn University

Teacher Education MS Member-at-Large 

Vacant position

Language Institutes AL Member-at-Large

Amy Taylor

University of Alabama

Language Institutes MS Member-at-Large

Ann Morris

University of Southern Mississippi

Community Colleges AL Member-at-Large

Elise Harbin

Gadsden State Community College

Community Colleges MS Member-at-Large 

Natalia Huffman

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

Community Programs/Advocacy AL Member-at-Large 

Nancy Blanco

Project Lead the Way

Community Programs/Advocacy MS Member-at-Large 

Beth Coghlan

Pontotoc County Schools

Non-native English Speaking Teachers AL Member-at-Large 

Sunyong Song

Athens State University

Non-native English Speaking Teachers MS Member-at-Large 

Michael Baird

Desoto County Schools

Heidi Goertzen, AMTESOL 2020 President, at the AMTESOL General Business Meeting during the AMTESOL 2020 Conference in Auburn, Alabama.

AMTESOL Board Members at the January 24-25, 2020 AMTESOL Conference in Auburn, Alabama

AMTESOL Board Members at the AMTESOL 2018 Advocacy Conference. Back row, L to R: Amy Taylor, Alison Stamps, Susan Spezzini, Jamie Harrison, Josie Prado, Ann Marie Batista, Tracey Koslowski; Front row, L to R: Mary Diamond, Dinorah Sapp, Ann Morris

Members of the AMTESOL Board planning the AMTESOL 2018 Advocacy Conference, which took take place October 12-13, 2018 in Oxford, MS. Left to right: Elizabeth House, Susan Spezzini, Amy Taylor, Ann Morris, Josie Prado, Peg Lawrence, Finch and Jamie Harrison, Elise Harbin, and Lynn Fuller