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The SETESOL Conference is the longest-running regional conference within TESOL. This annual conference, which began in the mid-1980s, is overseen by a regional council composed of representatives from each of the nine TESOL affiliates in the southeastern United States. This regional council meets twice a year: in the fall at the SETESOL conference and in the spring at the International TESOL Convention. SETESOL's annual regional conference rotates each year to a different state as determined by the pre-established calendar shown below.



Fall 2020  POSTPONED   Virginia TESOL (VATESOL)

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, SETESOL 2020 hosted by Virginia TESOL (VATESOL) will be postponed. After deliberations, the affiliates determined that the next SETESOL conference will be held in Atlanta in Fall 2021 and hosted by Georgia TESOL (GATESOL). If you already submitted a proposal for the 2020 SETESOL conference, please consider resubmitting to the SETESOL 2021 in Atlanta, GA when Call For Proposals is announced. If you were planning to attend 2020 SETESOL conference in Richmond, we hope you will consider attending the 2021 SETESOL Conference especially since it will be in Atlanta, which is easy driving distance. Thanks for supporting multilingual language teaching and  learning!


Fall 2021    Georgia TESOL (GATESOL)

Fall 2022    Virginia TESOL (VATESOL)


Fall 2023    Carolina TESOL (North & South Carolina)


Fall 2024    Tennessee TESOL (TNTESOL)


Fall 2025    Arkansas TESOL (ARKTESOL)


Fall 2026    Louisiana TESOL (LATESOL)


Fall 2027    Kentucky TESOL (KYTESOL)


Fall 2028    Alabama-Mississippi TESOL (AMTESOL)

Fall 2029    Sunshine State TESOL (SSTESOL)



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