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Call for Presentation Proposals

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Tupelo, Mississippi
Cadence Bank Arena & Conference Center

Notification of Acceptance
Monday, October 23, 2023

All of the notifications have been sent out. If you submitted a proposal but did not receive a decision notification, please email us at


January 12-13, 2024

All day Friday & Saturday morning

In light of our upcoming conference location in Tupelo, Mississippi - the birthplace of Elvis Presley - the AMTESOL 2024 theme invites you to share ideas, techniques, and insights that have you “All Shook Up” about the teaching of English to speakers of other languages. This year’s conference is your opportunity to share ways that can “shake up” teaching, researching, collaborating, and advocating for the English Learners across our region.


As you prepare your proposal, we encourage you to consider the following questions:

  • What ideas do you have that have changed your classroom instruction and atmosphere for your students?

  • What problem(s) have you identified that you have taken steps to address?

  • In what ways have you connected to parents or the community that impacts English Learners?

  • What new research have you discovered or done that will change the face of English Learner Instruction?

Types of presentations:

  • 45-minute presentations

  • 20-minute presentations

  • posters

Advocacy Morning 2024

January 11, 2024

Thursday morning

Proposals are also being accepted for Advocacy Half Day 2024. Proposals in this category must focus on advocacy.

Types of presentations:

  • 45-minute presentations

  • 20-minute presentations

  • 10-minute presentations

Presenter Information

Bio and key information required: Upon submission of your proposal, any co-presenters will receive an email with a link to add a short bio and other key information. 

In-person conference: Please note that AMTESOL 2024 is an IN-PERSON conference, so virtual or pre-recorded video presentations will not be accepted.


Presenter registration: All presenters of an accepted presentation must register and pay for the conference before Early Bird Registration ends. 

Foreign applicants: If you live outside of the USA and require a visa, please note that AMTESOL does not send invitations to present. In our experience, the US government does not typically issue visas for small, regional conferences such as AMTESOL. Also, the timeframe from acceptance until the conference is typically too tight to receive a visa.

Oxford Abstracts logo.png

AMTESOL 2024 uses the proposal management app, Oxford Abstracts

  • Login: You will be required to create a login

  • Save & finish later: You may save an incomplete submission and finish later

  • Make changes: You may also login and make changes to your submission anytime before the deadline.

The Call for Proposals closed on October 2nd

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