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Call for Presentation Proposals

AMTESOL 2025 logo Montgomery Alabama cityscape silhouette with


January 17-18, 2025

All day Friday & Saturday morning

Montgomery, Alabama

Submission Start Date
Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Submission Deadline
Monday, September 9, 2024

Notification of Acceptance
Monday, October 15, 2024

Join us in the heart of Montgomery, Alabama, for AMTESOL 2025! This year, we are embracing the theme "Celebrating Cultural and Linguistic Kaleidoscopes," a tribute to the vibrant cultural and linguistic diversity found in teaching English to speakers of other languages. We invite you to bring innovative ideas, ground-breaking methods, and insightful perspectives that resonate with this theme. The AMTESOL Conference is a prime platform for you to showcase transformative approaches that can enhance teaching, research, collaboration, and advocacy for English learners in our region. Do not miss this chance to engage in a dynamic educational exchange and leave a lasting impact on our diverse educational landscape. Be inspired, share your knowledge, and connect with fellow educators!


As you prepare your proposal, we encourage you to consider the following questions:

  • What ideas have you implemented that transformed classroom instruction and atmosphere for your students?

  • What challenges have you identified and addressed?

  • In what ways have you engaged with parents or the community to impact English Learners?

  • What new research have you explored or conducted that will change the future of English Learner Instruction?

Types of presentations:

  • 45-minute presentations

  • 20-minute presentations

  • posters

Key Information for Submitters

In-person conference: Please note that AMTESOL 2025 is an IN-PERSON conference, so virtual or pre-recorded video presentations will not be accepted.


Conference registration: All presenters of an accepted presentation must register for the conference before Early Bird Registration ends. AMTESOL thanks all presenters for their participation but presenters do pay full price for their Early Bird Registration. AMTESOL keeps its conference fees as low as possible.

Non-U.S. presenters: If you live outside of the USA and require a visa, please note that AMTESOL is NOT a visa-issuing entity. In our experience, the US government does not typically issue visas for small, regional conferences such as AMTESOL. Also, the timeframe from acceptance until the conference is typically too tight to receive a visa. 

Get Ready to Submit

To help you prepare to submit, we have listed the Proposal Submission questions below.
If you would like to prepare your submission using a Word worksheet, you can download one at the button above.

You could then copy and paste your answers into Oxford Abstracts when you are ready to submit.

Presentation: Please choose your presentation type.

  • 45-minute

  • 20-minute

  • Poster

Strand: Which strand best suits your presentation?

  • PK-12

  • Teacher Education (university-level)

  • Language Institutes

  • Adult Education & Community Colleges

  • Community Programs & Advocacy

  • Exhibitor

Subject: Please select the subject area that best fits your proposed presentation or poster.

  • Advocacy, Social Justice, & Community Building

  • Content-Integrated Approaches

  • Culture & Intercultural Communication

  • Digital Learning & Technologies

  • Language Assessment

  • Listening Assessment

  • Listening, Speaking, & Pronunciation

  • Personal & Professional Development

  • Program Administration & Evaluation

  • Reading, Writing, & Literacy

  • Teacher Education

  • Vocabulary & Grammar

Key words: Please list 3-5 key words/terms that best fit with the content of your presentation or poster. Separate these words with commas. Example: content-based, math, collaboration

Availability: During which time slots are you available to present? (check all that apply)

  • Friday morning

  • Friday afternoon

  • Saturday morning

Title: Enter the FULL TITLE of your presentation (max 12 words). This will be listed in the conference schedule.

Short description of presentation: Please enter a brief summary of your presentation (max 50 words). This description will appear in the conference digital program and will help attendees decide whether to attend your presentation. Please do not use your name or other identifying information so that your identity is hidden from the reviewers.

Detailed description of presentation: Please explain your presentation (max 250 words). This is the (anonymized) description that the Proposal Reviewers will see. Please do not use your name or other identifying information so that your identity is hidden from the reviewers.

Context: How did you become interested in this topic? Have you presented on this topic before? (Max 150 words)

Presenter(s): Please enter the names of ALL presenters/authors here - including yourself as the Lead Presenter. Once your submission is finalized each of the listed presenters/authors will be emailed a link to a short form with some additional questions, including a biography.

Title:  Mrs   Ms   Miss   Mr   Dr

First Name      Middle Initial (if desired)   Last Name

Degree (highest degree)

Email (CRITICAL: email address must be the same email address you will use to register for the AMTESOL Conference)

Affiliation: Name of Institution/Workplace

City:          State:        Country:

+ADD ANOTHER AFFILIATION: only if you have more than one workplace/affiliation. For example, you work for a PK-12 school system and are currently pursuing your EdS at a university.

+ADD ANOTHER PRESENTER: Repeat the Presenter information for each author/presenter. It is CRITICAL that each presenter lists the same email address they will use to register for the AMTESOL Conference. It is the Lead Presenter's responsibility to verify this information with their co-presenter(s) before submitting.

Submit Your Proposal

AMTESOL 2025 uses the proposal management app, Oxford Abstracts

  • Login: You will be required to use your previous login or create a login.  Oxford Abstracts allows you to use your Google or LinkedIn login if you prefer.

  • Save and finish later: You may save an incomplete submission and finish later

  • Make changes: You may also login and make changes to your submission anytime before the deadline.

  • Multiple presenters or authors?:  Be prepared with their basic demographic information.

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