Call for Presentation Proposals

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The AMTESOL 2022 theme, Reach Across, Reach Out, Reach Up, calls for each of us as EL instructors and administrators to make connections with others. Post-pandemic we are all looking for connections. How can we each work to forge those?


We propose that we each REACH. Whom do you know that is working towards the same goals of providing support to ELs and their community? Reach out to colleagues who share the same students. Reach to the education department at your local university. Look to the community organizations working to meet the needs of K-12 ELs and their families. Be the conduit that helps EL students reach up to their dreams. We invite everyone to share their perspectives and experiences as they pertain to our theme of reaching across, out and up.


We all have something to offer. What can you add to the conversation? As you prepare your proposal, consider these questions:

  • How are instructors on your campus working together to meet the needs of ELs? (co-teaching, campus or District PDs, idea-sharing)

  • Do you interact with colleagues on other campuses?

  • How are ELs given the same access to campus resources/culture as other students (extracurriculars, gifted, SPED, writing centers, student support services, etc.)?

  • How can you be an advocate for ELs on your campus/region/state?

  • How can we partner with community organizations to provide support?

  • What is the perspective of an EL, their family and community?

  • How can we promote diversity within our instructional community? And among the instructors that students see daily?

  • As teachers, professors, graduate students, and advocates, how can we encourage ELs to become teaching professionals themselves?

  • What resources can we offer ELs as they reach up to their dreams?

Proposals will be accepted for 20-minute45-minute, and poster presentations from educators, administrators, and exhibitors.

The proposals deadline has been extended to September 30, 2021.

The AMTESOL 2022 Conference will be held in the City with Soul, Jackson, Mississippi, just steps from the MS capitol building on Friday-Saturday January 28-29, 2022, at the Jackson Convention Complex. Additionally, on Thursday January 27, participants are invited to attend AMTESOL Advocacy Day to hear issues that affect our communities and nation and learn how we can support on-going efforts.

Please note: Sometimes strong firewalls at educational institutions block the online submission form. If you cannot see the form below, please try when not connected to your school/university wifi or at home.