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Using Tools

Toolkits for ESOL Teachers

Two-Way Immersion Toolkit

The Education Alliance at Brown University provides "The Two-Way Immersion Toolkit" (2005) as a resource for teachers, parents, and administrators involved in two-way immersion (TWI) programs, particularly those at the elementary level. The toolkit includes program design and implementation, classroom instruction including six model lesson plans, and parent involvement.

English Learner Toolkit

This report, "The English Learner Toolkit for State and Local Education Agencies (SEAs and LEAs)" (Updated Oct. 2017), was produced by the National Center for English Language Acquisition (NCELA) under the U.S. Department of Education. It is designed to help SEAs and LEAs in meeting their legal obligations to ELs in providing all ELs with the support needed to attain English language proficiency while meeting college- and career-readiness standards. The EL Toolkit is intended primarily for state, district, and school administrators, as well as teachers, but may also inform other stakeholders concerned with the education of ELs.

Newcomer Toolkit

The "Newcomer Tool Kit" from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of English Language Acquisition, is designed to help educators and other school staff who work directly with immigrant students - including asylees and refugees - and their families. 

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