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Family Engagement Resources

Bilingual Family Night

This ¡​Colorín Colorado! article "Bilingual Family Night for ELL Families" by Kristina Robertson explains why family engagement is so important for the success of English Learners and how to host a successful family night for bilingual families.

Stages of Family Involvement

This Phi Delta Kappan journal article "Stages of immigrant parent involvement - survivors to leaders" by Jennifer Love and Young-chan describes a new model which illustrates that parents' needs, skills, and interests evolve as they move through the stages of Cultural Survivor, Cultural Learner, Cultural Connector, and Cultural Leader. Understanding these stages better equips educators to identify where families are as well as their unique challenges and helps schools determine how best to support them.

Family Engagement Strategies

This ¡​Colorín Colorado! resource, "A Guide for Engaging ELL Families: Twenty Strategies for School Leaders" by Lydia Breiseth, offers 20 big ideas to help schools and teachers create a new ELL family engagement plan.

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