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Digital Tools

Flashcard Stash

A free English vocabulary digital flashcard maker and vocabulary tool for teachers and students. Teachers can create classes and share lists of flashcards, which students can study and earn points as they learn. Flashcard Stash has a built-in dictionary with definitions and example sentences. Easily add images to, play games with, and take quizzes based on the flashcards you create.

Biography Maker

A free online tool that helps students convert biography facts into interesting insights and dull, boring information into fascination and magic. The Biography Maker is meant to inspire lively story telling and vivid writing which will make readers want to know more about your subject.

Story Cube Generator

Students "roll" the Story Cubes and then create oral or written stories based upon the 9 randomly-generated pictures. Students can take a "screenshot" of their Story Cube roll to show others or the teacher that they successfully used the pictures in their original story.

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