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Speaking Resources

Information Gap Activities

This "Teacher's Corner" article provided by the US Department of State/American English explains what Information Gap Activities are and why using them with ELs is an excellent strategy. Useful tips are provided related to planning and conducting information gap activities in classrooms of all levels.

Language Activites for a Communicative Classroom

These 16 activities can be used in the classroom to encourage communicative use of language. This document is the outcome of a Teacher Development workshop conducted by Trinity College London for teachers of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in New Delhi, India.

Kagan Cooperative Learning

Explanations of 10 cooperative learning structures adapted for the EFL classroom from Dr. Spencer Kagan's book, Kagan Cooperative Learning. All 10 structures can be adapted for teaching primary, secondary, or adult learners.

American English Pronunciation

Rachel's English provides nearly 400 videos to help improve spoken American English and listening comprehension.

Pronunciation Activities

The Sounds of English site provides useful pronunciation information, lessons and activities. A collaboration by Holly Gray and Sharon Widmayer to help ESL students improve their English pronunciation.

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