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Cultural Resources

If It Were My Home

What would your life be like if you were born in another country? Use the country comparison tool on this site to compare living conditions in two different countries. 

Academic Shock article

"Academic shock: Thoughts on teaching international students" - an article in The Guardian (May 2011) by Dr. Janette Ryan. Overseas students can find it hard to cope as they adjust to different teaching approaches.

50 Ways Culture Influences Us

A list of more than 50 ways that culture influences us provided by the University of Iowa's Center for Teaching. Categories include Etiquette and Behavior, Beliefs and Values, Time, Communication, and Human Relations.

Art as a Tool to Teach ELs

A detailed document created by The New York State Education Department Office of Bilingual Education and Foreign Language Studies (2010) that explains strategies and benefits of using art as a tool to teach language to English Learners of all levels.

Folklore in the ESOL Classroom

An Article "Culture in the Classroom and the Language of Folklore" by Yuka Kuroda in TESOL Connections (October 2013),  describing why and how using folklore is effective as a language learning tool in the ESOL classroom. 

Using Pictures to Teach Language and Culture

This lesson plan, "Thousand Word Pictures" by Tabitha Kidwell in the U.S. Department of State's English Teaching Forum (2018), describes an activity in which students analyze a picture and develop cultural comparison statements. Images can provide examples of both surface-level culture (e.g., food, clothing, and art) and deeper cultural elements (e.g., traditional or religious celebrations and interpersonal norms). Can be used with any level, from high beginners to advanced students. 

Culturally Responsive Teachers

In this MiddleWeb article (Sept. 2013), Julia G. Thompson, a practicing teacher for more than 35 years, considers what it means to have a culturally responsive classroom and details the steps necessary to create one. 

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