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Reading Red Book

Reading Resources

WIDA Content Reading Strategies

Brief explanations of 60 reading strategies and activities compiled by Sarah Drenke from a WIDA professional development by Don Bouchard.

3-12 Reading Strategies

Over 50 referenced reading strategies that can be used with English Learners in grades 3-12, compiled by Language Education Consultant, Dr. Virginia P. Rojas.

103 Reading Activities

"103 Things to Do Before, During, and After Reading" - a Reading Rockets article by Jim Burke which offers a collection of interactive activities that help learners become more involved in the stories they read. 

Strategies to Teach Text Structure

As early as third grade, students are expected to recognize expository text structures, such as: sequence, description, compare-contrast, cause-effect, and problem-solution. The ability to identify and analyze these text structures in reading helps make expository text easier to understand. Students should also use these text structures to organize their own writing. This resource offers twenty research-based teaching strategies which can be applied in teaching students to use text structure. 

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