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AMTESOL 2024 CEUs & Professional development credits for P-12 teachers

AMTESOL 2024 Conference

All Shook Up About...

Tupelo, Mississippi
January 11-13, 2024

Download and print the self-completing Certificate of Attendance


PK-12 Teachers from Alabama

Step 1: Login to Power Schools Professional Learning.

Step 2: On the menu bar, click on External Credit Request.

Step 3: Click on Create School Level Credit Request.

Step 4: In the fill in box labeled Training Name, type AMTESOL 2024. The next box title Training Number can be left blank.

Step 5: In the fill in box labeled University/Location, type Tupelo, MS.

Step 6: In the box labeled Start Date, click on the date January 11, 12, or 13, 2024 (whichever is correct for the events you attended) .

Step 7: In the box labeled End Date, click on the date January 13, 2023.

Step 8: In the fill in box labeled Hours, type the number of total hours accumulated from the various sessions you attended. Presentation titles and lengths are listed in the Conference Program.

Step 9 In the section labeled Description, copy and paste, "AMTESOL provides professional development opportunities for various topics that concern English Learners. The conference provides breakout sessions on these various topics from which attendees can choose. See attachment labeled Certificate of Attendance outlining the breakout sessions that were attended."


Step 10: Complete the Certificate of Attendance found in your conference bag, marking the sessions you attended. Add it as an attachment by using the Add Attachments button at the bottom of the page.

Step 11: Check with your school system to determine whether there are any district/school specific additions you need to add.


Please check with the person or department in your district that manages Power Schools Professional Learning if you need help logging into the platform, and/or need to clarify documentation to include with your request.

Questions about this procedure? Contact AMTESOL's Alabama CEU representative, Marty Hatley at Please include AMTESOL CEU Credit in the subject line of your email. 

PK-12 Teachers from Mississippi

CEUs are available for:

  • .6 CEUs Thursday's Advocacy Morning and Thursday afternoon's Pre-Conference Institute - you must attend BOTH to earn the credit [cost $10]

  • 1.2 CEUs AMTESOL 2024 - all day Friday + Saturday morning [cost $15]

Step 1: Complete the Request for Continuing Education Credits form (CEUs) (available at the Registration Desk during the conference and for download here during and after the conference)


Step 2: You may either submit a check OR pay online and write the receipt number on the form. You will need to submit a paper form regardless of how you choose to pay. Cost: $10 for Thursday's .6 CEUs; $15 for Friday-Saturday's 1.2 CEUs.

Step 3: Bring the form to the AMTESOL 2024 registration desk by noon on Saturday. 


Step 4: Sign the Attendance Sheet at the AMTESOL 2024 registration desk.


CEU certificates will be mailed to you.

Questions about this procedure? Contact AMTESOL's Mississippi CEU representative, Audrey Reed at Please include AMTESOL CEU Credit in the subject line of your email.          




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