Professional development credits for P-12 teachers

AMTESOL 2021 Virtual Conference

The Silver Lining: ESL Teaching During a Pandemic
January 29-30, 2021


P-12 Teachers from Alabama


Step 1: Login to Power Schools.

Step 2: On the menu bar, click on External Credit Request.

Step 3: Click on School Level Credit Request.

Step 4: In the fill in box labeled Training Name, type AMTESOL 2021.

Step 5: In the fill in box labeled University/Location, type Virtual.

Step 6: In the box labeled Start Date, click on the date January 29, 2021.

Step 7: In the box labeled End Date, click on the date January 30, 2021.

Step 8: In the fill in box labeled Hours, type the number of total hours accumulated from the various sessions you attended. Presentation titles and lengths will be listed on the AMTESOL website and/or the Conference Program.

Step 9: In the back of the Conference Program there will be a Certificate of Attendance. Print that page and mark the sessions you attended. Scan or photograph the page and add it as an attachment. The Add Attachments button is at the bottom of the page.

Step 10: Check with your school system to determine whether there are any district/school specific additions you need to add.

Please check with the person or department in your district that manages Power Schools Professional Learning if you need help logging into the platform, and/or need to clarify documentation to include with your request.

Questions about this procedure? Contact AMTESOL's Alabama CEU representative, Marty Hatley at Please include AMTESOL CEU Credit in the subject line of your email. 

P-12 Teachers from Mississippi

Step 1: In the back of the Conference Program there will be a Certificate of Attendance. Fill out the page with your information/the sessions you attended. Save a digital file of the certificate on your computer/on the cloud.

Step 2: Go to the link provided by NMEC:

Step 3: Fill out the form at the link.

Step 4: Attach your Certificate of Attendance digital file.

Step 5: Follow the steps to pay your fee to NMEC through PayPal. ($15 by check/money order or $16.50 by credit card)

Step 6: Wait for your certificate to be processed.

Step 7: After you receive your certificate, do not forget to submit the documentation to MDE.

Questions about this procedure? Contact AMTESOL's Mississippi CEU representative, Katherine Carr at Please include AMTESOL CEU Credit in the subject line of your email.