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AMTESOL 2025  Keynote Speakers


Valentina Gonzalez

Keynote Speaker: Debra Suarez, Ph.D.

Dr. Debra Suarez is the current President of TESOL International.

Keynote Address: Title

8:00-8:30am Saturday January 18, 2025

Description of keynote

Emily Francis_round.png

Keynote Speaker: Emily Francis

Emily Francis is

Keynote Address: Honoring Authenticity

Keynote Lunch - Friday January 17, 2025

As educators, we hold a special task - to develop humanity and identity. Our students, especially our minority students, need identity affirming environments where they feel honored and validated. Our schools, classrooms, and communities are spaces of healing and spaces where students should be encouraged to develop their identity and humanity. Emily’s experience as an English language learner affords her a deep understanding of the challenges students must overcome to find success.

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