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Information for Presenters

AMTESOL 2023 logo.png

January 26-28, 2023
Huntsville, Alabama

Types of Presentations

  • 45-minute presentations 

  • 20-minute presentations 

  • Poster presentations​

Presentations at AMTESOL 2023

​The AMTESOL 2023 theme Mission Critical: Language · Content · Culture focuses our attention on the critical components needed to ensure success for English Learners. Access to content is essential, and support in the development of language in a cultural context is crucial. In the end, we are reflecting on our core mission and how best to achieve that mission in light of competing demands and priorities in today's complex educational context. Presenters will consider these questions in their sessions:


  • How can language instruction be situated within content area instruction? 

  • What do teachers need in order to connect language instruction within content lessons?

  • How can we identify and implement particularly robust pedagogical approaches to language instruction within specific content areas? 

  • What are key cultural components that should inform language and content instruction?

  • How can content area teachers and English language teachers collaborate effectively instruction to enhance learning for ELs?

  • How can we determine what is mission critical in supporting ELs? ​

Information for Presenters

  • Presenters must provide their own laptop and speakers (if sound is needed)​ [Please note: if you use a Mac, please make sure to bring your own adapters to connect to HDMI]

  • If you are using handouts, we recommend having 40 available

  • Each session room has a digital projector

  • Would you like your PowerPoint, handouts, YouTube links, or other resources posted on our website? Please send your resources to The conference resource page will be password-protected for conference attendees only and will be available during the conference and post-conference for 90 days.

Information for Poster Presenters

  • Please bring your printed poster, which are usually 3x4 feet

  • A poster stand will be provided for you - no need to bring one

  • Digital posters are only possible by special arrangement and you must provide the monitor (email us to discuss)

  • Set up: Poster presenters are expected to set up their posters by 1:00pm Friday January 27th

  • Poster session: Poster presenters are expected to stand by their poster to explain it Friday January 27th 4:45-6:00pm

  • Poster presenters will remove their posters Saturday January 28th between 11:00am-1:00pm

Tips on how to create an academic poster

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